PANOTECH system consists of a steel frame, three-dimensional. The insulation between the steel mesh sides. With a steel anchor with a diagonal grid of steel on both sides. And pierce through the insulation. Once installed, the PANOTECH then. Is covered with concrete on both sides by means of spraying or coating. The reinforced concrete structure stronger.
With the strength of the structure. Insulation in the body. Combined flexible bends bent building systems PANOTECH can be used in the construction and renovation, office buildings, condominiums, schools, hospitals rehearsal room sound warehouses to control the room temperature cool residential buildings such as houses and apartments, etc., or Even using the ladder forms a bench on the porch of shelves built-in countertop in the kitchen or the bathroom, shower, swimming pool, as well as in the landscape (landscape) such as fence facade living under. But the imagination. Construction of the proposed system is PANOTECH was used in the construction of buildings around the world. Using the stairs, fences, walls, floors, roof etc.
PANOTECH roof without the need for roof and ceiling. You will get an additional 30% smaller area to the attic or storage room. It also adds a beautiful European style with dormer windows and a skylight in the roof supports PANOTECH designed with style and unique lines. The dome-shaped roof. Bending the roof. etc”
  • High tensile steel wire mesh 0. Diameter 2.5 to 3.0 mm, the frequency of the grating 10 cm.
  • Of steel wire, diagonal lines cross the entire line. Automatic welding with steel mesh on both sides.
  • Consists of a steel frame with three-dimensional poly-styrene insulation in the middle.
  • Light weight, about 3.0 to 3.5 kg / m or 10 kg for a 1.2 x 2.4 m.
  • Added to every 40 cm in length .
  • Is closed on both sides with concrete or plaster SHOTCRETE appropriate.
  • Of concrete compressive strength, 380 kg / square cm of iron is 7,850 kg / square cm.
  • Fast, easy to install.
  • Under construction.
  • Is faster to move more quickly.
  • Strength.
  • Fire.
  • Is safe from natural disasters.
  • Heat.
  • Noise.


PANOTECH system construction begins with a concrete floor. According to the construction of a steel bracket to mount. With concrete to mount on a steel base diameter of 6 mm PANOTECH Buried in the ground about 3 inches, and embedded in a sheet about 30 cm.

2.PANOTECH and prepare a construction area.

PANOTECH a lightweight. It can be cut easily to the specified format. Then the plate. The wall structure. Plate can be lifted to facilitate the construction unit. The material is low. And it can be difficult without it.

3.Installing the PANOTECH.

The steel plates will be inserted between the plates DOWELBAR insulation to the wall with steel mesh along a steel clamp. Installed at the corners to make work easier.

4.The bracing plates PANOTECH.

Plan must be braced to the vertical and strong enough to withstand the working conditions and strong winds. Bracing one side of each sheet first. Concrete can be stuffed to the other side.

5.PANOTECH sheets together.

Sheet adjacent to the plate next to the steel mesh and 10 cm for a steel brace to stick together. By binding to the strong points on both sides. Or use the link or use the clip

6.The doors and windows.

Openings for doors and windows. With scissors, cut a small iron. To cut the wire and use a knife to cut the insulation off. The rest of cut openings must be strong enough. The corners of doors and windows should be added. Stainless steel 1 x 2 feet in 45-degree angle, then the frame.


In order to increase the structural strength to the bond beam, and in some cases, made possible by the bond column. The insulation is removed. When the concrete is fully cast. It will act as beams and columns have been further reinforced. The bond beam and a strong bond column, it makes more.

8.Above the concrete bottom.

PANOTECH sheet can be used as both columns, beams, walls, floors, roof ladder is a simple way. And building systems or a complete system which can be incorporated into the system PANOTECH it.

9.The device is different.

Once installed, the PANOTECH into place and braced it. It can be equipped with various accessories include cable, water pipes. Telephone lines, etc. The devices are inserted between the insulation and steel mesh. The installation of certain equipment. May have to cut the insulation to provide enough space to install a power outlet, etc

10. To bind iron.

The need to be added to all the Steel on the line to the vertical. Binds tightly to iron all the points. The binding of iron by hand or using a clip or clamp etc.