Easy to install.

Installation takes only 1 in 3 construction PANOTECH construction methods typical of the size 1.2 x 2.4 meters and weighing just 10 kg, only to catch a lift to my place or time in a few minutes to six people can be employed. two-story building done in a week.

Reduce construction costs.

Do not use the formwork and labor cost significantly reduces the need for heavy machinery do. And check with less than This construction system has only a few materials.

Housing quickly.

PANOTECH a lightweight easy transport. Conventional construction methods require heavy equipment and personnel in many It lasted a long time. Due to the weight of a wall PANOTECH LOAD BEARING WALL pillars and beams are not very useful.

Great strength.

PANOTECH system is a homogeneous structure and MONOLITHIC STRUCTURE making it very durable and safe. When faced with the harsh environment such as fire, flood, storm, earthquake or safety of the residents are not ants, termites, rats fungi. Thieves can not steal home.

Heat well.

PANOTECH core of poly styrene insulation. Act as heat. The residents have a better quality of life is hot in the daytime.

Sustainable energy.

The poly-styrene insulation within the structure. Makes use of the air decreases. This saves energy by up to 50%.

It sounds good.

The three-layer structure is a concrete / insulation / concrete Reduce noise significantly.

It is environmentally friendly.

PANOTECH component is not harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Poly styrene insulation without CFC substances in the production process. And does not contain CFC with a wooden construction that do not use it to help reduce deforestation.

Reduce costs in the long run.

The strength of the structure. Eliminating the need for structural maintenance. This helps to reduce costs in the long run.


PANOTECH structure to reduce noise from the outside heat. Residents have access to good health.

Freedom to design the shape of the building.

PANOTECH system can be used in the construction of a house or a multi-storey buildings. The effect is to be constructed PANOTECH. In any form, such as rounded corners or curved walls, curved roof shape can be almost unlimited.

The store is simple and convenient transportation.

PANOTECH can be transported by truck or a car, only 6 wheel trailer without causing any major damage to the PANOTECH. The weight is not heavy lifting, moving its forces. By workers or forklifts can be PANOTECH kept the construction unit. Several weeks.

Does not require heavy machinery.

Lifting, moving and installing a simple PANOTECH using simple tools and labor are only two of them can. PANOTECH help install it.

Fair value.

PANOTECH building systems are not expensive than conventional construction.